How does Beautytek work?


A very low frequency  electrical impulse is passed into the body. As the stimulus is transferred to each specific area with the use of a variety of hand held wands, the beautytek computer monitors the body's reaction so that the treatment is constantly adjusted to achieve equilibrium, precisely calibrated for each individula at that point in time.

Using conductive electrolytes and hand held wands, very low frequencies are applied to the selected body areas. A signal is returned from the body and analysed by the beautytek computer, which selects the appropriate frequency for the therapeutic current entering the treatment area.

The computer continuously compares therapeutic signal with the signal being returned from the body tissue. The signals carries information about the cell chemistry of each cell in the treated area.

The conputer analyses this information to determinate the quantitative discrepancy between the two signals, adapts a new waveform and frequency of the therapeutic current and passes it back to the body tissue via the hand held wand. This happens continuously throughout the treatment and is called a "bio-cybernetic circuit" (over 44 times per second)

The treatment ends when the beautytek computer calculates that physiological and energetic equilibrium has been achieved in the target tisssue.

What happens to the treated area?


The energy transmitted into the tissue acts as a stimulus for a variety of body functions:


1. The body's energy levels are increased

2. The ion grid is re-established (ions are electrically charged particles responsible for a variety of chemical anad electrical reactions in the body)

3. Blood Circulation and lymphatic flow are increased

4. There is an increase in the production of AFT (Adenosine Triphosphate) which triggers the body's natural bio-chemical healing proves.

5. Stimulation of intracellular calcium further strengthens cellular balance and healing.

6. Amino acid uptake is increased as well as protein synthesis, which assist in tissue repair.

7. Water and toxin stored in the cells are redistributed to the lymphatic pathways, which are stimulated to "flush" the waste products from the body

8. The water balance is readjusted and regulated

9. Fatty clusters are decomposed

10. Blood vessels are open to increase blood flow (perfusion), oxygen levels in the blood and nutrients delivered to the tissue.

11. Active ingredients in the electrolyte gels are selectively absorbed into the tisssue (iontophoresis)




How many treatments do i need?


 A course of minimum of 15 treatments required for any areas. More maybe required dependant on the size of the treated area . Fat reduction and cellulite treatments on legs and abdomen is minimum of 18 treatments

 Beautytek - The differenec?-Artificial intelligence

Beautytek employs a direct Multi-phase Digital Pulse Code Modulation synthesis for high accuracy of bio-impedance detection and comparison under the supervision of artificial intelligence controlled input-output process architecture. Data embedded within the console, mediated by the data base host computer to analyse, classify, configurate, diagnose, evaluate, guide, instruct, predict and select amongst other detecting features involved in every targeted therapeutic session.

Artificila Intelligence is a term in its broadest sense that indicates the ability of an object (i.e. a computer) to perform the same kind of functions that characterise human thought.

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