When you book with ANti Aging Studio you are ensured only the best service. A number of our products and treatments are endorsed by industry leading institutions and have been featured on television programs including Channel 4’s How To Look Good Naked.


I wanted surgery for my tummy since my children were born but could never afford it. Since trying Beautytek I've realised there is an affordable alternative that works and I’m so happy with the results! I can have my treatments while the children are in school and there is no recovery time so I’m straight back for the children!”


Cindy Bristow - As seen on How To Look Good Naked



"It's Oscars this weekend, and Hollywood's finest will be glammed up to the nines. But don't assume they woke up looking this fab - it takes months of hard work! We've discovered that Beautytek, a non-surgical body sculpting treatment, is what the stars rely on when they need to look the business. Apparently, Beautytek uses very low-frequency microcurrents to zap cellulite and burn fat! We hear the celebs are queuing up to try it, but the rest of us can get the benefit from.”


Article taken from Woman Magazine

Just to say.....my husband encouraged me to spend more money!!! Only on the proviso it was to continue with my Beautytek facials, after 50 years of marriage he actually noticed I was looking younger. My skin looked fresher and taunter, my sunspots had faded and at 70 this meant a lot. The treatment is painless in fact very pleasant and relaxing, Zivka provides a professional treatment caringly.  I cannot recommend the treatment or the therapist enough, Antoinette Thorpe ( Billericay)


I have now been visiting the Anti Aging clinic since August 2014 and am now addicted. I began with a course of Beautytek face lift and Microdermabrasion, then booked a course for cellulite and skin tightening on my legs and now continuing with a course of Beautytek treatments for my stomach.

I now visit once a week and leave feeling totally relaxed - I now wear less make up my skin is clearer, brighter and cleaner:) 

I have recommended Microdermabrasion facial to my daughter who has acne problems. She says even after a couple of visits  her skin feels much healthier.

I would recommend anybody to visit ,you are made to feel very welcome and relaxed.


 Karen Kliber (Romford)


"I wanted to loose some weight for my wedding . I had 12 treatments on my stomach and lost 4 inches from my lower stomach.  The therapist in Anti Aging studio is lovely and makes you feel relaxed and welcome. I will definitely recommend Beautytek treatment and I am considering booking some more treatments on my thighs."

Maureen Brown( Billaricay)

 My best friend recommened that I try Beautytek cellulite treatment as she knew how concious I was about my cellulite on my thighs. I couldn't wear nice skirts or swim suits on the beach. I knew cellilite was  difficult to get rid of even with regular exercise I was sceptical that I  would i get results. The Beautytek package which Anti Aging Studio offer was very good value and I could afford to take the risk and try. After 18 treatments my skin was plump and tight, with visible celullite reduction. I am ready for my summer holiday! 

Julie Hampten (Romford)

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